Ruts be damned -- you're going to break that rusty cage this year, Taurus! 2015 is all about releasing the dross from your life so that you can embrace some glorious new horizons. Letting go is your least favorite endeavor, and yet you've nearly achieved mastery when it comes to non-attachment in your relationships. You've been there and done that when it comes to enduring the pain that ensues from clinging too tightly. You're learning to appreciate what you have in the moment, count your blessings and stay present in the gratitude of what is rather than what was or what could be. This is a year to make your existing structures stronger and expand on your fabulous vision. Magic is yours for the making in 2015! 

This is also a year for reconnecting to your roots of strength and creativity in preparation for a steamy little romantic cycle that kicks off this August. Pleasure and love are yours in great abundance from late summer until well into 2016, so savor every second! This good fortune in your love department comes but once every 12 years, so you don't want to miss it by remaining stuck in your loyal zone of duty and responsibility. Give yourself permission to break free for those late summer months to truly indulge in the goodness that life insists on delivering in a major way. 

You can finally let down your guard as Big Daddy Saturn bid his final farewell to your relationship zone and opposite constellation of Scorpio. The pressure is off with the exception of a brief return between June and September. Consider this the relationship tune-up of the year. You've survived some major shadow work with significant others and faced your own dark side. You're ready for a reprieve and some serious vacation days. 2015 is sure to deliver this and more! Jupiter will spend the first half of the year at the base of your horoscope bringing courage, optimism and an expansive outlook. You're feeling more generous than you have in over a decade with the need to lavish yourself and loved ones like royalty. You're also more obsessed with making your home your kingdom (queendom) than ever before. There is a potent Venus Retrograde cycle taking place this summer between your love zone and your home sector. You're learning to really embody the lover in you. You live for love, beauty and affection and will no longer feel the need to make any excuses or apologies where those essentials are concerned. Work and health continue to be two major areas of focus this year as the Nodes of Fate finish up the work that began in 2014. The obsession with curating the perfect daily schedule is quite overwhelming at times but the results are worth it. You may actually achieve that ever-elusive balance once and for all, Taurus.


This could easily be one of the most romantic years on record, Taurus. It only comes but once every 12 years that Jupiter brings his lotto-worthy luck to your love life. Starting this August, Jupiter graces your romance zone until well into 2016. In late September and through October, Mars will join Jupiter to really get the party started. You will have more energy than you probably know what do with. You're a loyalist by nature, so you will need a partner that can keep up with your libido this year. Your sexual prowess hits an all time high in late summer-early fall and you're the true embodiment of sex-magic, darling. You've earned this deliciousness after all that you've endured in 2014. You've seen enough trials and tribulations and loss with relationships to last you for the rest of your life. You wear the crown of having learned the hard way to love from a place of strength rather than need in 2014, and this has truly empowered you in the way you mate, date or relate. No longer codependent, needy or clingy, you're a true lover in the highest sense. 

The Nodes of Fate will continue to teach you about reciprocity and balance in relationships until the end of this year. You are legendary for your stubborn qualities and potential greedy, needy fixed-Earth energy when it comes to taking more and never feeing quite satiated. That said, you are always one to come through on your word and promises and that counts for a lot in this day and age of fickle commitments. However, this year you may feel torn between being true to your independent streak and the ongoing duty and responsibility you feel towards your loved ones. You are looking to break free while simultaneously going deeper in love. This is no mean feat, but if anyone can conquer the impossible with patience and perseverance, it's you!


You'll have the ongoing presence of the North Node of Fate in your work zone all year long, Taurus. All of the important balance and beauty skills that you got under your belt in 2014 will come in mighty handy as the planets push you to the next level with your projects this year. The quest for the perfect daily schedule can easily became an all-consuming obsession under this influence, so try to keep some perspective on it and let go of all perfectionistic tendencies. Nothing is perfect, nor do you want it to be. Balance is a constant work-in-progress, Taurus. Once you start something, you will not shift modes or directions unless someone comes and physically forces you out of the trenches you have dug those stubborn little heels of yours into for the duration. You're learning about flexibility this year as well as resourcefulness. Saturn, the taskmaster will be working on your house of resourcefulness and deep research. Get ready to uncover some of your deepest fears as well as strengths when it comes to getting to the bottom of your true desires and worldly ambition this year. 

This April could easily be one of your most productive spurts as Mars powers up your stars. You prefer to take things slow and steady, but this may be your one exception to the rule, Taurus. Of course you'll never rush anything, but you will gain momentum during this high-energy phase. In June, the cosmic taskmaster (Saturn) will move back into your house of clients and contracts to tie up any loose ends and unfinished business from 2014. This is your chance to get the full closure you've been waiting for and leave behind any toxic connections or contracts once and for all. Next, your sweet ruling planet (Venus) will go retrograde at the base of your chart in July and August which would be an ideal time to take a bit of a sabbatical as your desire to do as close to nothing as possible will surely prevail. Finally, the last quarter of the year is your chance for really pulling everything together as you have the creative influence, joy and backing from Jupiter to make your work more like play. This is by far one of the most creative career phases you have experienced in over a decade, Taurus! Cheers!


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