You were born to be wild, Sagittarius, and this year you'll be back in your favored rambunctious saddle. After surviving the past few years of feeling pent up, frustrated and in the longest darkest, tunnel of the unknown, you're so ready to break on through to the other side. To say it's a totally new you is no exaggeration. You've been shedding layers upon layers of your old, false self in order to make room for this glorious and powerful firebrand now emerging from the shadows. Give yourself time to really grow into this new skin. You still have this year to tweak your image and new approach to life and love. Saturn will back out of your sign between June and September, creating a break in the action of your ongoing self-reinvention process. Considering the level of total metamorphosis you've undergone, it would make sense that you may need to go back and recover a few missing or forgotten pieces of your old self to integrate into the new package. Plus, the summer will bring you back to any unfinished emotional business that started in 2012. This is your last chance to say goodbye, and part on terms that you can live with for the next 30 years. Take your time and be sure you're not walking away with any residual resentment or regret. This is your year to skyrocket and you don't want any emotional baggage standing between you and your utter fiery fabulousness. 

Travel continues to be a major passion and source of opportunity in 2015. You'll have your lucky ruler in your zone of foreign countries until August, so make the most of this awesome jet-setting influence. You're totally in your element and tripping the globe fantastic like a total rockstar. You'll be totally career obsessed starting late summer when Jupiter moves up to the top of your horoscope. This is one of the most stellar career transits you've had in 12 years. It's all about status, opportunity and recognition during the second half of the year. You're status is totally peaking and your popularity is about to blow up between the latter half of 2015 all the way through early 2017. The constriction and fears of the past few years are giving way to grand scale schemes and dreams. The partial solar eclipse in your career zone this September is sure to accelerate your success in major and unexpected ways until March of 2016. The Nodes of Fate will continue to teach you powerful lessons around both friendships and romantic relationships. You're learning to make your friendships more romantic and your romances friendlier. The total lunar eclipse in April could bring some friendships to an end. If you're not on the same wavelength or operating under the same value system, the eclipse will clear out those associations that are no longer in alignment with your long-term goals. The upside to this potent eclipse cycle is that it will make you extremely clear on what you want on the bigger scale with your dreams and your bucket list. Your eyes are wide open to your true priorities and you'll be scheduling accordingly.


You're ready for the real thing, Sag. No more playing the field or hemming-and-hawing over potential suitors. You can see through games and lies, and will spot a waste of time in an instant. You're soaring this year and you cannot have a relationship that holds you back. You've been there and done that. If you're already in a long-term commitment, expect to go deeper or go separate ways by summer. Saturn is pulling the plug on those connections that no longer support your greater vision and more importantly, you're authentic self. If you're still on the quest for your long-term mate, the presence of Saturn in your stars will keep the lightweights at bay. Anyone flakey, manipulative or any variety of loser material shan't come anywhere near your radar in 2015. You're too deep in the game to attract anything less than the real deal. You require someone who promises both adventure and staying power. This might seem like a tall order to some, but if anyone can manifest the miraculous, it's you. You need a partner you not only respect, but who can teach you something. You also need someone who understands your nomadic tendencies and won't try to tether you to mundane reality, or you'll definitely flee faster than you can say 'passport'! 

The total lunar eclipse in April is in the sign of relationships and will have you really thinking about what you most want and don't want in a partnership. You've been working and reworking your understanding and value system around relationships for several years now, but this is the time you may actually and finally get the clarity you have so desperately been wanting. Mars and Venus will align in your love zone this March, so expect some serious fireworks to fly just in time for a spring awakening. The planet of love and beauty will go retrograde in the sign of romance in August in your house of long-distance travel. This could easily bring the return of old lovers from abroad or the revisitation of a country where you once had a great love affair. In any case, this year will bring plenty of opportunities to know who you are and what you will and will not tolerate in the romance department. Now that you have such a powerful sense of self, (due to all of your hard work and self reflection over the past few years) you need a partner to match this strength. In fact, you'll settle for nothing less!


Your career prospects are off the charts this year, Sag! You've got the planets working every angle of your chart to bring you into the highest realms of fame and fortune. All you have to do is show up and believe. You've got Saturn working your sign to assure you deliver nothing less than your very best on a consistent and quality basis. All of the hard work you've put in on your integrity is really starting to show. In fact, you're basically glowing this year. Next, you have the support of lucky and expansive Jupiter (your ruling planet) moving into your career zone this August. Jupiter shines brightly at the top of your horoscope between August and the end of the year, bringing the kind of good fortune you have not experienced in 12 years. You can take bigger risks now, knowing Jupiter has your back and you're assured to land on your feet. Of course, Saturn in your sign could make you a bit more cautious than you would normally be, but trust that if you leap the net will appear. 

Mars and Jupiter will be aligning in your career zone in late September and October. This dynamic transit gives you both the energy and confidence to really put yourself out there and get yourself on the map in a way that will make a difference with your success. Your focus and consistency is really going to pay off by bringing more followers, a greater audience and hopefully even a raise or boost in your overall income. Pluto will continue to work his long-term influence to overhaul your financial story. You've been in this renovation and revamping process since 2008, so you're finally starting to get the hang of how it all works. Building for the long-term is where it's at now. Your old ways of jumping the gun or living for the moment while throwing away future resources is surely a thing of the past. 

You're blessed with amazing mentors for the first half of the year. 'When the student is ready, the teacher appears' is your motto in 2015, because every time you're ready to learn something new, the perfect guru appears to guide you. Travel is another amazing teacher for you this year, and the experience derived from exploring new countries and exotic corners of the world. With Jupiter in your zone of foreign countries until August, you should have plenty of opportunities to see the world. The total lunar eclipse of April in your house of long-term goals and achievements is sure to propel you in both unimaginable and inexplicable ways. Just be open and ready for anything to unfurl between April and October. So much is changing and opening for the better. It could feel a little off-kilter in the process of reorienting you to a whole new network and mission statement for your work and your life. Remember, you're in the process of totally reinventing yourself and your life's purpose from the ground up. This is totally new terrain and you're like a wild horse ready to run free to heaven only knows where. You're still exploring, experimenting and figuring that out, Sag. So be patient and enjoy all of the success and accolades along the path.


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