The royal treatment continues, Leo! You still have the glorious power of Jupiter in your sign for the first half of the 2015, so go ahead and rock that joie de vivre that you rock so well. As sad as it may seem to part ways with the generous abundance of the big jovial planet in your sign this summer, you can take comfort knowing that the second half of the year will bring you luck and abundance in the financial department. It's a win-win all the way around for you this year, Leo. The other positive shift is Saturn finally moving out of the basement of your horoscope after a few years of family sludge. You've had your fill of the heavy feeling in your gut that showed up at the end of 2012 and has found a way to both anchor if not depress you for the past few years. Family, domestic issues or loss that have weighed heavy are starting to lift now. The new phase of Saturn is bringing attention to your house of pleasure, love and creativity. Now that's not a bad thing to take seriously. It's also your house of children, so if you've been considering having a child or giving birth to a new creative project, this could be the year that you truly commit your time and energy to making it a reality. 

Communication continues to be a major area of work and focus. All of the lessons you learned last year around the importance of humility and diplomacy in your interactions will come in handy. You're becoming a master mediator and may find yourself in the middle of some interest-ing disputes this year. Your gift for graceful gab serves you well in 2015. Don't be surprised if you end up in public speaking positions or get asked to put your voice and your message out there in a major way. If you've ever considered taking classes on public speaking and media, this is definitely the year to take your natural talent to the next level. The Nodes of Fate are support-ing you, especially around the total lunar eclipse in Libra this April. 

The first quarter of 2014 involves a lot of reworking of expansion and dreams that you started in 2012. By April, Jupiter will go direct in Leo and you'll be ready to seriously pounce on the com-petition. July is an especially glamorous month as Venus joins with Jupiter in your sign. Love, beauty and money are in crazy abundance at that time, so be sure to spoil yourself and your be-loveds rotten. You'll still be in the process of reworking your daily schedule and health regime, but that's been in a work in progress since 2008. If you have felt impatient with getting the big shot results you want, trust that everything is falling into place throughout the year. You'll start to see this reflected in your finances when lucky Jupiter moves into your money zone in August, starting a year where your income potential should totally skyrocket. The only caveat to this fab-ulousness is that you're also more likely to blow the bank with your overly generous ways.


This is an interesting year for love, Leo. First and foremost, you'll have Saturn in your house of love, pleasure and children for the next few years. The only exception is June to September when Saturn quickly backs up into your domestic zone to clear up any unfinished family busi-ness. You'll be back to the focus of romance for good as of September. You may have children on your mind or you'll be taking a more committed interest in the child/children you already have. You're also asked to take your romantic energy to a more consistent level. In other words, you're taking your love life and those you love more seriously. Saturn will be teaching you the importance of quality time and giving your heart and undivided attention to the ones you love. If you've been distracted or only halfheartedly present in the past, expect Saturn's whip to your love priorities back into proper perspective. A Leo without a fulfilling love and romantic life is like a cat without a purr. 

Conscious communication and a healthy relationship go hand in hand this year, as the Nodes of Fate continue to teach you the importance of choosing your words carefully. You're more aware than ever of the significance of saying what you mean and meaning what you say, but with the utmost consideration of the consequences of your choice of words. You have no problem speak-ing your mind and your heart but sometimes your roar can have more of a bite than you realize. You learned last year to stop letting pride interfere with your intention to love fiercely. Love is stronger than pride and you of all signs wrote the book on that one. 

The planet of love and relationships will retrograde in your sign this summer. Don't be surprised if old lovers return or old love themes come back for a reworking. In any case, love is a major theme for you from late July through September. You could find yourself continuously obsessed with learning all you can about relationship dynamics and how to be a good partner, Leo. You started this passionate study last year, and this year the tutorials continue. The only difference is you'll be asked to put your knowledge into action. The eclipse energy in April could push you to really find the balance you've been seeking with a partner willing to meet you halfway in your mind. If you can't communicate well with your beloved, it's pretty much a deal breaker for you. You've certainly done your fair share of work on improving your own communication skills so it's only natural you would want a partner who can go there with you, Leo. This year has to be a true meeting of the minds with your partner -- or bust!


You're coming out of your hidey hole this year, Leo. Saturn may have had you down in your basement, so to speak, doing research and inner work in preparation for a totally new phase. You're like the caged lion/lioness ready to break your rusty cage and tear things up this year. Saturn will support your efforts on a daily basis this year, Leo. The visionary side of your per-sonality is coming back with a bang. Use the first half of the year to put yourself out there with Jupiter powering up your star power. The more you make yourself visible, the more you shine. Your confidence and magnetism is at an all-time high through July with April being an especial-ly powerful month. 

The second half of the year brings the focus to your finances and business skills. You need a bank balance to support your luxurious taste. This is the year to put your attention on the details of your financial reality and use the luck of Jupiter to bring the kind of earning potential that will match your true mogul makeup. You were put on this planet to create your own kingdom, Leo. This is the year to focus on all of the nuts and bolts that go into creating a business that will sky-rocket your status and finances. Use your imagination and confidence to manifest the magic that will turn the fantasy into the waking reality. Never underestimate your power, Leo. You are blessed with the gift of being adored just for being you. After September when Saturn goes direct and takes up residence in your creative zone, your projects and rituals should stabilize. By late September-early October, Mars will join Jupiter in your money zone to give you more than enough mojo and ambition to go for what you really want and raise the stakes financially. Aim high and you will attain only the best. If your goal is to get your business operating like a well-oiled machine, you'll have all of the cosmic backing necessary to get into the powerful flow of abundance and riches. You are no longer the King or Queen in exile, darling. This is your year to take your rightful place on your throne of choice.


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