The year starts off with quite a turbulent bang, Cancer! To call the onset of 2015 emotionally loaded is an understatement. The good news is that the last of the seven Uranus-Pluto squares will culminate this March. You've reached the final stage of the evolutionary push with Self, ca-reer, family and relationships, Cancer. You've certainly had every nerve and sensitivity tested over the past few years. Home and career continue to be your major areas of focus due to the strong Nodal activity in your 4th (domestic) and 10th (professional) sectors through the end of the year. This is the year to put down some serious roots. Home is definitely where your heart is, and this year you're determined to find or make your dream domicile. The full Moon lunar eclipse hits the bottom of your chart this April, so expect that to be the extreme catalyst to push you onward if you haven't made your big move by then. 

Saturn is finally finishing up his work in your love, children and creativity domain this fall. He'll be back for a brief checkup and finalization, and much of your attention will be on your daily schedule and rituals, and finding some kind of magical alchemy between your work and health. You have a tendency to work, work, work and then crash and not want to leave the house for days. This year you will find some boundaries and structure around routines thanks to the pres-ence of the cosmic taskmaster, Saturn, taking up residence in your Sixth House of responsibili-ties. There's a nice electric push this March in your career zone when Mars and Uranus meet up to make for something unexpected and immediate. If you've been feeling stuck or stagnant on a professional level, you'll adore this innovative surge of new energy to open up the channels of creativity. 

You've still got luck on your side in the money department for the first half of the year. Jupiter continues to grace your financial sector with abundance and opportunity. It's also possible you have been spending more than ever over the past year (especially on travel). Jupiter will be ret-rograde until April, so use the first quarter to reconnect to old sources of inspiration and income. Perhaps, hold off on any major money decisions until summer. Communication takes on new levels of importance and blessing in your world this summer. In August, indulgent and expansive Jupiter leaves your money zone, which will bring some ease on any residual urges to splurge on material possessions. The new phase for the second half of the year is all about wisdom and the opportunity to study with amazing mentors and teachers. You're also extremely lucky and in-spired when it comes to all realms of communication, marketing and getting your message out there. Your ability to pay close attention to the details is now paying off into some big-picture awesomeness.


Your love life continues to be crazy passionate and transformational, but thankfully this year some of the darker drama should be lighting up a bit. You've definitely had your fair share of facing your demons and fears in the love department. The only exception to this new 'moving on' phase of 2015 is when Saturn comes back for one last hurrah between June and September. If there is any unfinished karmic romance business, expect to settle the score. Hopefully this last and final pass of Saturn through your love and pleasure zone will be a beautiful and intimate res-olution and closure with a past relationship or creative project. If you've said your long goodbye in peace and with love, you will feel like the final cord can safely be released without all of the pain and anguish that usually accompanies endings. Your new focus is on expanding your hori-zons on a daily basis, rather than getting sucked into all of the heaviness of codependent relation-ship patterns. If an issue with a child and your beloved has been a source of stress or pain, this too will be softening over the year. The point is to find more freedom and balance in your rela-tionships in 2015. 

The North Node of Fate will continue to unleash powerful teachings around reciprocity and equal partnering. With your caring and compassionate nature, it's all too easy for you to fall into the role of caretaker. This can get old and exhausting if you're not allowing your own needs to be met in the process. The one-sidedness is totally shifting as you remember to find your own voice and needs in your relationships this year. You'll have a chance to really revamp your entire approach to relationships when Venus goes retrograde this summer. Pay close attention to how your communication style reflects your M.O. in getting your needs met. Do you ask directly for what you need, Cancer? If you catch any passive-aggressive or manipulative tendencies in your love romantic dynamic, this is the year to clean all that up. Get clear with yourself so you can be clear with those you love most. You'll feel like your relationships are moving forward with few-er obstacles and challenges after September 25, when Pluto goes direct in your partnership zone through the end of the year. It's all about integrity in partnering, Cancer. You've learned loads since 2008 -- and yet there is still so much to learn!


So much has changed and continues to change as the South Node of Fate continues to cruise through your career zone for one more year. You've had to part ways with people or projects that did not have your best interest at heart, and now you're learning to finally integrate your own needs and voice in a more direct and self-coherent fashion. Assertiveness in professional deal-ings continues to be your strength. There is a powerful total lunar eclipse happening in your ca-reer house in September, and this is sure to catapult you to the next level with your status. This is the culmination of initiatives you started cranking out in the spring of 2014. You're finally see-ing the final fireworks of your creation this fall. The final Uranus-Pluto T-square takes place this March and should bring out any last kinks or power struggles for final clearing and healing. You're finally on your way to the new professional phase, Cancer. 

You will be working harder than ever with Saturn pushing you to your fullest potential this year. The Cosmic Taskmaster is taking residence in your work and daily routine zone for the next few years. Saturn will retrograde between June and September to allow you to pick up any lost crea-tive threads that you want to integrate into your current or future projects. You'll also have a chance to revise and integrate what you've learned about time management and efficiency, two of Saturn's favorite themes. In fact, the feeling that time is of the essence could take on extreme urgency this year. You can't stand to waste even a second under this influence and will thus structure your schedule accordingly. This is the year for maximum productivity. You'll be work-ing smarter instead of just harder, leaving you more time for expanding other areas of your life for a change. Giving yourself limits with your work schedule will make sure that you actually have a social life once again. For the more introverted Cancers, making boundaries around your schedule will help you find more time for the activities you love, even if just staying home read-ing books or watching films. This is your year to have more 'you' time for the first time in eons!


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