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You're like the horse (Ram) ready to break out of the gate this year, Aries! The cosmic taskmaster has finally moved on from the underworld sector of your horoscope giving you a break from all of the painful inner work of facing your demons. You've faced your darkest fears, delved into your deepest insecurities and uncovered the most complex layers of your sexuality. Now you're ready for a breath of fresh air. 

2019 is about breaking new ground and reconnecting with your spiritual path in a new way. Enough wallowing in the darkness. Travel beckons and you will be reworking your entire philosophy and worldview while seeking important mentors and guides. Only those with tried-and-true experience and wisdom will do. You have a discerning eye when it comes to whom you will allow into your sacred world in 2019. You've learned the hard way what it means to be too trusting in that naive Aries way. This doesn't mean you have to lose your innocence. On the contrary, you'll be reconnecting with your childlike spirit more than ever before. This is the year to get back in touch with your strength so that your inner kid feels totally safe and free to express with wild abandon. Creativity and work has never felt so compelling and rewarding as it will this year -- especially during the second half of the year. 

Keep your head up, Aries. Although you've become the master of release, you've likely had enough letting go and loss for one lifetime. This year completes the end of a 19-year nodal cycle with the South Node (attachments of the past) in your stars until December of this year. This has to do with releasing ego, and any of the more domineering, me-centered ways notorious of your sign. You're learning the art of compromise and diplomacy like never before. The good news is that this South Node in Aries cycle won't return for another 19 years. Use this year's finale to purge your life of all that no longer serves you. Travel lightly because there's so much new coming in. Venus will have her annual retrograde cycle this summer, which means a return of old lovers and love themes. You'll also experience a sense of falling in love with your work, or with old projects, in a way that surprises you this summer. 

March is your strongest mojo month as your ruler, Mars, will move into your stars for the entire month. Use this powerful time to get back into tip-top shape and push your goals and desires to the next level. You'll continue to have the unpredictable and rebellious influence of Uranus in your stars traveling quite close to the South Node. You're truly breaking patterns and coming out of major stagnation this year. If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to be fearless, this is your year to experience that power of total not-giving-a-damn power. You're stepping into the fiery fierceness of your most authentic self this year, Aries! Own it! Live it! Love it!


You may be taking a hiatus from putting too much emphasis on your love life until spring, and there's nothing wrong with that. Of course, you're one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, so this probably means you will put 60 instead of 90 percent of your attention on romance at the start of the year (at least until March). If you're still in the midst of a karmic love tangle, you may be reworking the terms of your union until April. The theme of negotiation in the whole give-and-take cycle continues for another year. Reciprocity is a major theme again. The full force of the love drug returns when Jupiter goes direct in your romance and pleasure zone this April. Enjoy this strong love influence until Jupiter moves into your work zone in August. You'll also have the North Node of fate in your relationship zone until December, so this year is highly significant for learning many important lessons in love. Think of this as the next level of all the relationship wisdom you've tucked under your belt in 2019. 

March is one of the sexiest months on record, as you have both Venus and Mars in your stars at the same time. Don't miss out on this super-powered influence of desire and physicality. You'll feel like a total magnet during this time and will have a hard time not jumping headfirst into a new love affair. You will definitely have to fend off your adoring fans during this time, Aries. Spring fever will take on a whole new level of meaning. 

If you are incomplete with a soul mate from your past (or your present), use Saturn's brief retrograde phase into your house of sex and intimacy between June and August to get some final closure. Unfinished lessons from late 2019 may also resurface during this time. Consider this summer you opportunity for a sexy little do-over. There are always second chances, darling. You're learning so much about yourself through the lens of love, and you've certainly seen the good, the beautiful, the bad and the ugly -- and lived to tell.


Use the first quarter of 2019 to really accelerate before Pluto goes retrograde in your career zone in April. The career breakthrough theme is present all year long as Pluto continues to introduce you to new levels of your power and potential, Aries. Add to this the innovative tension from experimental Uranus in your own stars, and the alchemy is ripe for cutting-edge ingenuity in your chosen field. The tension between these two planets in the beginning of the year pushes you to embody the highest level of your integrity and nothing less. In fact, you can't get away with anything second-rate, and you know and feel this at your very core. Just be careful not to push yourself to the point of total exhaustion. There is a tendency to fry your nervous system by overdoing it. Pluto and Uranus have a relentless way of pushing you to your edge, which is excellent for your creative potential, but hard on your nerves. 

Mars will start the year off right by powering up your house of long-term goals and social connections, so work those contacts. Use January to network until you drop. You can retreat in February when Mars goes into your dream zone. March will be your month to really jump in headfirst when Mars moves into your own stars. In April, Jupiter will come out of retrograde in your creativity zone, so expect any frustrations and delays to lift and the abundance of pleasure in self-expression to dominate the scene until August. August through December is especially lucky, expansive and busy as Jupiter moves into your work zone. This summer will be more about process than outcome, so think of amping up productivity levels earlier in the year. 

Mentors, teachers and guides play an important role in facilitating your next level of learning this year. You'll have Saturn, the planet of wise elders in your house of teachers and higher education for most of the year. Saturn will retrograde in March, which could cause you to step back and rethink your choice of teachers or reconnect with mentors from your past. There could be some unfinished business this summer when Saturn returns for a short stint in the sector of your horoscope that rules what you owe to others. Pay off any lingering debt once and for all before the Autumnal Equinox if possible. This is your year to integrate your self-expression and creativity into your career for maximum joy, abundance and happiness all around. You're going to go far, Aries, and you can thank your fabulous mentors for that this year!


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