About Us

S.K.Goel is a renowned name in lucknow and oher cities because of his expert advice in astrology and his interest in this field. All the people who have taken advice from him have made a remarkable change in their lifes and succeeded to betterment. Many of the advice takers have travelled to foreign countries either for studies or for jobs. One of them have gone to Luton,LONDON for doing MBA, and other has gone to South Arabia,UAE for taking job in a reputed bank with a very good salary , and one of them has travelled to USA for doing job in a IT company and also got his green card by S.K.Goel's expert advice.

Many of the others taken advice for marriage are living a happy and comfortable life with the match making advice given to them by mr. S.K.Goel.

Many others who have problems getting married and their age of marriage was leaving have got a perfect match by his remedies and are leading a happy life.

He's expert advice in career consultancy has made career of many students who were not able to cope up with their studies.

He has also given advice to those who were not getting jobs and were suffering but after doing remedies and doing steps given by astrologer S.K.Goel they got jobs in reputed firms.

Also those who were suffering from financial loss and family disorders were had recovered successfully from the bad times.

And those who were suffering from Bad Health were recovered miracally.

He also consults about vaastu doshas which is a major cause of ill health and financial loss of houses,buildings and factories.Many of his advice followers have benefited from his advice and he has cured many vaastu doshas of houses,buildings and factories and their work is going fine afterwards and they are thanking for his advice.


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